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ArtSLInK is a collaborative platform founded in 2019 by scholars and artists to develop and promote the convergence of diverse knowledge systems such as Arts, Science, and Local and Indigenous Knowledge. It encompasses synchronous, equitable, co-productive engagement across the social and natural sciences, the arts, and place-based local and Indigenous knowledge systems, each with their distinct modes of exploration and expression. Some components of this approach were used in the several projects to be presented in the exhibition “Arctic InfraScapes” (Vienna, 2023) with the main focus on arctic infrastructures, widely understood. The ArtSLInK team participates in various projects and activities, including conferences, field studies, and exhibitions. 


ArtSLInk Team


During the 2022 Expedition in Sweden, two artists participated in all MUST activities. Their creative work and reflections resulted in the gallery by photographer Max Sher South of No North and a blog entry Sketching Atmospheres of the City by artist Aleksandra Ianchenko.   

Image #2 Kiruna photo by A. Ianchenko (1).jpg
Kiruna, Sweden. Photo by Aleksandra Ianchenko

ArtSLInk Projects

Frozen Commons

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Informal Roads

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